God, why can't anyone just leave me alone? I just want to sit here and read this book that I found. It has some funy warning on the front of it.
"Beware for those who read this are forever changed."
I want to change. I hate being me sometimes. People, won't ever accept an outsider in this small town. Nancy and Greg are really nice people to take me in and all, but I would have been better off still with the other kids. None of us rememeber anything from before. All we can remember is being together. As much as I like having a house, we should have stayed together. I...can't rememeber life before them. There had to be though. We are old enough to have had a life 10 years ago. All I can remember is up to 3 years ago. That was wierd. I can rememeber waking up, and having no idea where or who I was. Everyone else was like that too. So we invented ourselves. I was one of the quiet ones then. But there were times when I would just snap, for no reason. That's why I was called Stormy, because of my sudden mood changes. My best friend was Tank. We named him that because of a book we had. He was a big guy, i bet he was twice my size. We knew a lot, for not knowing who we were. Now I live here, and Tank lives in another city. When we were found, they had us all over the news. I remember seeing the news that Nancy taped. She showed it to me, many times over, because there were things that might help me rememeber. Now I sit here, alone, without Tank and them. People from all over the country took us in. They were all nice people, but we miss each other. Tank writes to me all the time. He's the strong one I guess. Now, this book, is all I have.
"Stormy, where are you.?"